Tots Creative

Creative development, movement and fun!

Safe &  Social Interaction

Tots creative classes are the perfect introduction to dance, apart from exercise and enjoyment this provides group interaction for little ones. Boys and Girls get to learn skills and meet with others, gain confidence and become comfortable in expressing themselves.  The social side is not only for students , parents … come and meet like-minded families that share in the love for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Active Co ordination

Rhythm and coordination are key to a child’s early development. Creative tots classes incorporate mime, musicality and fine motor skills enhancing their development. Posture and poise, technique, confidence and awareness…. all great reasons for your little one to start dance today.

Tots Creative Classes are specially designed for the development of little people. Perfect for ages 3 & 4 , tots classes combine movement and co ordination development within a supportive, social and fun atmosphere.

Building confidence and active skill progression throughout the program.

‘Her first day at dance was so memorable!’

Our Creative Tiny Tots  develop with:

  • Movement & Co ordination

  • Confidence & Grace

  • Active Bodies & Minds

  • Fun & Social Atmosphere

Dates & Times

Classes are available

  • Monday mornings at 9.30 am
  • Thursday mornings at 9.30 am
  • Saturday mornings at 8.45 am


  • Girls -Leotard and skirt
  • Boys – shorts and t-shirt
  • Pink ballet shoes for girls and black ballet shoes for boys


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