Classical ballet – For all ages and Skill level

Classical ballet training provides the foundation for all forms of dance and is highly recommended, especially in the early years, if you wish to achieve your full potential as a dancer in any code of dance.

Classical Ballet has always been a strength of The Dance Centre , with past students following careers in The Australian Ballet, Dance North, Expressions Dance Company, Queensland Ballet, West Australian Ballet Company, Royal New Zealand Ballet, Disney Tokyo, Disney Florida, Princess Cruise Lines & other dance groups around the world.

The ballet students at The Dance Centre are aiming for co-ordination, improved posture, grace, flow of line, brilliance in jumps and turns, discipline and musicality.

The Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet and Royal Academy of Dance syllabi are taught by a highly qualified, professional team lead by Janice Heale F.I.S.T.D who has a proud 30 years experience in developing dancers of the highest standards.


Age 5 : Pre Primary – Little Ballerinas

  1. Term 1 : 1 class per week
  2. Term 2 : 1 class per week
  3. Term 3 : 2 classes per week
  4. Term 4 : 1 class per week

Pre-primary students enjoy one class per week for the first half of the year and progress to two classes in Term 3 only. This allows for additional classes to cover exam content and preparation.

Age 6 & 7 : Primary

  1. Term 1 : 2 classes per week
  2. Term 2 : 2 classes per week
  3. Term 3 : 2 classes per week
  4. Term 4 : 2 classes per week

Ballet Accredited / Examinations

EXAMINATIONS – Examinations are held annually and the final decision as to when a student is ready to partake is decided by the teachers.

For all other ballet students wishing to take part in examinations, it is recommended to take two classes per week.


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